The truth struck swiftly and cruelly: It is a sentence that means nothing to me. If truth exists, the Truth is shit. And I don't want to know It. I am not lost in any sort of unreality, I am swimming in the best shit I'll ever have all the time. Better all the time. Everyone knows what they know and everything means nothing.

My lectures went well on Friday. I am at issue with Thom who is from Dick City and looks like Gob from Arrested Development. After sending him my lecture package, he wrote me back a vague and coyish message saying "It's great!" but that I was missing some important points and to meet him at 7:30am to go over the Revised Finalized Package Please, Thanks. WHy not just tell me instead of giving me a dicky-riddle, I do not know. Because I actually wasn't missing anything, he just didn't read thoroughly. He also forgot to meet me at this ridiculous time, which was his own great idea! It's very powertrippy. I'm not scared of him or any of them. I do have the sneaking suspicion that he's pulling a "Giving you a hard time" kind of thing, my sister mentioned that it seems like he's testing me and toughening me up. In which case, I kind of respect that for the growth I will gain from it all. My brilliant adaptation skills will figure out a way to move forward. I have another enrichment lecture to deliver next week. He liked the one I did on Friday.

That night, I went out with Michelle and Jenny to get drunk and have a chill loungey girl-talk night. I needed to get drunk after this week. I aimed to dress as if Emilie Ekdahl lived today as a silly playful self-challenge. SHe is one of the most beautiful women, Ewa Fröling, and reminds me of my piano teacher Mirijam, who I grew up admiring from ages 6-13. It feels as though her and I grew up together, despite the ageo difference. Meeting with her every week and becoming good friends with her 3 daughters and 1 son, I felt like I also experienced the divorce in my own way, their moving from house to house and making each beautiful and full of music.

Anyway, the night was super fun and great. Geoff joined us later on. He was being really charming with my friends and I thought it really sweet and respectful that he was making such a conscious yet genuine effort. Michelle and Jenny think we are incredibly cute, is what they said, and they are quite fond of him. I feel really proud because I want them to have at least an idea if possible of the qualities I find so wonderful and loving and magical about him. The whole night was cool. I guiltfully, but much neededly, slept-in until 1pm.

I had my first Platypus meeting tonight, the leftist organization. It was pretty cool for the most part. I'm looking forward to some of the readings and letting ian know what's happening. We are working with Chicago chapter, who have this huge faction established, they conduct and distribute their own interviews, monthly reviews, etc. I'm glad that I went, now I have to find a place for us to meet.

Went to bay st and took back the tv F&A version, I had spilt diet coke on my desk and it leaked into the cd and stained the white insert. I felt like a dirtbag returning it, I also was afraid they were going to seriously scold me because they are so hardcore about damages. My plan was to pop it in the dropbox and then forget about it, but it didn't work out so perfectly. Whatever. I rented two more INgmar Bergman films: Wild Strawberries and The Virgin Spring.

I'm having a quiet Saturday night of watching movies and also will get some reading in hopefully. So la di dah. Geoff is in his hometown having Christmas #2 with his family, I trust that he is happy and CHristmassy right now. We had a big talk the other night which was productive and honest. When he comes back I'll do lamb dinner w/ sweet potate' frites becuase our oven is fixed. Fixily ixily.

Did you know that Ingmar Bergman wore beanies?

He was pretty really hot! I love beanies. And I love that old timey style in men, with the rustic rugged twist. There is a mens store across from that park, TrintiyBellwoods that so fully epitomizes and accurately represents it.

Mary has a thing now and everything is good again.

Emily left to INdia for 6 months without even saying goodbye or any word about it to any of us. Am I being demanding and unfriendly to feel kind of offended. I think so- it's my pride speaking. I suppose I could be 45 years old and she could walk into my life after 22 years, and I would still feel the same love for her. Unconditional friendship bracelets 4Ever. I'll gently hug your wrist.

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